US House of Representatives (116th Congress, 2020)

US House of Representatives (116th Congress, 2020)


Members of the 116th Congress of the US House of Representatives (2020). Includes names, state/territory, district (or position, if representing a territory), party, office room, phone number, and assigned committees.

Source: (retrieved August 2020)


AbrahamRalphLouisiana 5th417 CHOB(202) 225-8490Agriculture; Armed Services
AdamsAlmaNorth Carolina 12th2436 RHOB(202) 225-1510Agriculture; Financial Services; Education and Labor
AderholtRobertAlabama 4th1203 LHOB(202) 225-4876Appropriations
AguilarPeteCalifornia 31st109 CHOB(202) 225-3201Appropriations; House Administration

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