University Course Catalog

University Course Catalog


One semester course catalog from a large university. Includes academic grouping, class ID, subject, subject code, course number, section number, course title (description), days and times, instructor names, and number of credits.

Source: University of Michigan (2018).


Acad GroupClass IDSubjectSubject CodeCourse NbrSectionCourse TitleDayTimeInstructorCredits
Architecture & Urban Planning10009ArchitectureARCH2011Basic DrawingM W830-1130AMHarris, David, Arthur4
Architecture & Urban Planning10010ArchitectureARCH2021Graphic CommunT TH10-1PMSturt4
Architecture & Urban Planning29211ArchitectureARCH2022Graphic CommunM W10-1PMGilpin4
Architecture & Urban Planning32120ArchitectureARCH2092Special Topics ArchF9-1PMZimmerman, Trandafirescu, Wang3.00-4.00

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