What is Good CSV?

Good CSV is your source for small-to-medium data.

Simple, plaintext lists of publicly-available information are stupidly hard to find. I kept needing them for various projects and having to tediously create them myself. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection.

You might find these CSVs useful if you’re a designer, developer, data scientist, political staffer, office assistant, project manager, or anyone who frequently has to get information into a format that’s easy to work with in your favorite software tool. Or maybe you just have a weird spreadsheet-collecting hobby.

Good CSV is free. Depending on the source of any individual file, various licenses may apply.

Whoever you are, hopefully Good CSV saves you some time. If you need a CSV that isn’t here, and think it should be, shoot me a message. Bonus points if you’re willing to contribute it yourself.

What isn’t Good CSV?

Good CSV isn’t my full-time job.

Good CSV isn’t for large datasets. There are plenty of sources for those, and anyway, I don’t have the space for ’em.

Good CSV isn’t for sharing original research, though it might help you with some.

Good CSV isn’t for doxxing people, intentionally or not. I won’t put CSVs here that could make it easy to threaten, harass, extort, or otherwise harm people. So don’t ask 🙂

Good CSV isn’t tracking you or selling your data. If it gets popular and I have to put ads on it, this might change.

Good CSV isn’t offered to you with any kind of guarantee or warranty. Most files here were assembled by hand and could plausibly contain mistakes. BUT…

Good CSV isn’t for spreading misinformation. There are other places for that, and I strongly encourage you to steer clear of them. If you catch an error in any file on this site, let me know.